Johnny Kilbane

I have had numerous questions and comments related to the genealogy of the Kilbane family and so I thought I would add a page to share what I know.  I welcome any thoughts or comments you have and look forward to helping you with any research you may be doing.  It was common in the days of Johnny to refer to someone as a cousin as in "oh yeah, he's your cousin".  For example, Johnny used to refer to the great Bob Hope as his cousin.  It's often difficult to prove a connection.  Nonetheless, if you feel there might be a connection, please feel free to email me and we'll try to figure it out.  Here is what is known:

  • Johnny Kilbane was born on April 9, 1889 in Cleveland, Ohio (8th according to his birth certificate, April 9th according to his baptismal certificate) and died May 31, 1957.

  • Johnny's parents are John J Kilbane and Mary A. Gallagher. They were married at St Malachi Church in Cleveland in 1889

  • John J Kilbane was born in Ireland in 1861 (per Johnny's birth certificate, he was 28 years old) and died September 8,1927 in Cleveland.

  • Mary Gallagher was born in America in 1865 (per Johnny's birth certificate, she was 24 years old) and died about 1892

  • Johnny's paternal grandparents were John and Bridget Kilbane (per John J and Mary A marriage certificate)

  • Johnny's paternal great grandfather was Martin (Brian) Kilbane

  • Johnny's maternal grandparents were John and Mary Gallagher (per John J and Mary A marriage certificate)

  • Bridget Kilbane (Johnny's grandmother) was born Dec 24, 1847 in Ireland to Michael Haney and Cecilia Kilbane and died Sept 2 1911 per her death certificate

  • Bridget had siblings Patrick Haney, Mary McCafferty, and Margaret McGinty

  • Johnny's father, John J had two children with the former Bridget Sweeney after his wife Mary (Gallagher) died - Mary and Norah.  Neither married or had children.

  • Johnny married Irene McDonnell June 15, 1910 at St Colman's church in Cleveland, Ohio

  • Irene was born in Chicago, Illinois on December 4, 1889 and died December 12, 1957 in Cleveland, Ohio.

  • Irene's parents were Patrick McDonnell and Ellen McLaughlin

  • Patrick McDonnell was born in Ireland between 1855-1860 and died March 17, 1932

  • Ellen McLaughlin was born in Ireland in 1865 and died October 8, 1921

  • Johnny and Irene had two daughters

  • Mary Kilbane was born March 29, 1911 in Cleveland, Ohio and died August 1, 1993

  • Helen Kilbane was born in Cleveland on February 14, 1913 and died May 29, 1919.

  • Mary Kilbane married Thomas O'Toole September 24, 1938.

  • Mary and Thomas had two sons, John K (born March 19, 1941) and Thomas J O'Toole (born December 28, 1942)

  • Through some great research conducted by Hugh O'Donnell and Ed O'Malley, I have learned information on Mary's husband, Thomas J O'Toole.  His father is Austin O'Toole. Thomas' mother Nellie O'Donnell is related to the O'Donnells that Hugh and Ed have traced back to the 1400's (back to Red Hugh O'Donnell).